The Webster Parish Jury Commission is responsible for selecting names for Jury duty. The members of this commission are Anthony Manuel, Joe Beatty, Joseph Jefferson & Barbara Dillard and Holli Vining, Clerk of Court. Once an order is received from the District Judge to do so, the commission selects the jury pools with a computer that chooses the appropriate number of names at random.

Qualifications and Exemptions:
In order to qualify to serve as a juror, a person must:
*Be a resident of Webster Parish
*Be at least 18 years of age
*Be able to read, write and speak the English Language
*Not be under indictment for a felony or convicted of a felony for which he   has not been pardoned.

There are two personal exemptions from jury duty that you may claim if desired:
*You are over the age of 70
*You have served as a juror on a civil, criminal or grand jury in the the past 2 years.

If you do not meet these qualifications or wish to claim an exemption please call the Judge’s office at 371-1311.

Length of Jury Service:
The typical jury term is scheduled to last one week. There may be one trial or many during this week. You will be advised on a daily basis if and when to report the following day that week.

You will receive a check for $25/day within 2 weeks after jury service. If you live outside the city limits of Minden, you will also receive miliage. Jury fees are paid by the Police Jury and issued by the Clerk of Court’s office.

Use good judgment. Dress appropriately and in keeping with the dignity of the Court. No shorts or tank tops.


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