Would you like to serve as an election Commissioner?

*You must be a registered voter in Webster Parish

*You must not have been convicted of an election offense

*You must be able to vote without assistance

 Commissioners must arrive at the polls by 5:30 AM for Tuesday elections and 6:30 AM for Saturday elections, and remain there until the polls close at 8:00 PM and all election duties have been completed.

 To serve as a commissioner you must take an open book test and you will be eligible to work at the polls during the current term of the Clerk of Court.

Testing is held in Springhill and Minden each summer. Specific dates will be posted on the homepage of this site and advertised in local newspapers when they are scheduled. Contact the Clerk's Office to put your name on a mailing list for notice of upcoming certification classes.


If you would like to apply to be a Commissioner-in-Charge, you must have served as a commissioner in at least two elections during the past four years. 

 The Commissioner-in-Charge is responsible for all duties and for all commissioners in his/her precinct including delivering the votes to the Clerk of Court on election night.

 The Board of Elections Supervisors meets each December to select Commissioners-in-Charge for the coming year.  An open book test is administered to interested commissioners a couple of weeks before the selection meeting.  Commissioners will be notified of testing dates in both Springhill and Minden.  Test dates will also be posted on the homepage of this site when scheduled.


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